Guitar Teaching in Cambridge

What students say:

"Great advice, helped me develop a more effortless playing style and gave me ideas to help in creating my own voice. A valuable experience that focused on music rather than just guitar technique."

Joe Ledsam


"I found he explained basic things that have always been looked over, I definitely learnt a lot."

Matt Gill, rock guitarist


"Really enjoyable and I learned things which you can't just find in a book or on the internet, really helpful."

Christopher Moore


"Mark takes the down-to-earth approach, logically demonstrating exercises and gradually progressing through the ideas. At no point have I been left confused - Mark delivers the lessons simply, inviting the aspiring guitarist to build on the fundamentals they learn."

Matt Vahdani, guitarist


"Fantastic. Mark is an excellent teacher and in just a short space of time, taught me a whole new harmonic approach to playing. Another thing I learned from him was the emphasis on articulation and the importance in achieving precisely what I want out of the guitar in terms of tone and nuance. A truly worthwhile experience."

Jack Losh, guitarist



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