Guitar Teaching in Cambridge

Guitar teaching in Cambridge


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Internationally acclaimed guitarist Mark Wingfield offers private guitar lessons near Cambridge.

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“One of England’s most accomplished players.” Guitar Player Magazine

“Virtuosity... with admirable authority.” Guitarist Magazine

“Celebrated British guitarist” Guitar Player Magazine

“Guitar virtuoso” “Uplifting” “Inspiration” Guitar Techniques Magazine

“Brit guitar hero... ripping rock-tinged abandon... cinematic... dramatic... intriguing...”
JazzTimes U.S.A. 40th anniversary issue

“Innovator” The Guardian

“Wingfield’s guitar playing is mysterious, majestic, and blazing in turns.” Guitar Player Magazine

I have been selected by Guitar Player Magazine's editor for his Top 40 Guitar Player Artist Interviews. Other guitarists on the list are such luminaries as Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Allan Holdsworth, Mark Knopfler, Martin Taylor, Ry Cooder, John McLaughlin and Johnny Marr.

There are many more in the press section of my website here.

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I teach all ability ranges from intermediate on up. If you feel stuck on any of the following subjects I can help you:

Understanding modes and how to use them.

Understanding which scales fits with which chords.

How to get a really great guitar sound.

How to make the guitar notes "sing".

How to improve your speed and fluency.

How get your expressive and creative ideas to flow on the guitar.


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Learn from an internationally renowned player in the Cambridge and Cambridgeshire area.

I am not your average local guitar teacher. I perform and record all over the world, Guitar Player Magazine has done two major features on me and I'm regularly written about in major music publications across the globe. More details on my website here.

So why do I teach?

I love teaching. I've been teaching for 20 years and I consider it as much part of my craft as any other aspect of my playing.

There's nothing I like more than seeing the light bulb go on when a student finally understands a concept that's been holding them back for ages.

Also, I'm a complete guitar geek so I enjoy meeting people who share my love for the instrument, it doesn't matter what level they are as a player.


Mark Wingfield guitar master class workshop teaching and lessons

"Great advice, helped me develop a more effortless playing style"

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"One thing I really like about Mark is his patience as a teacher and his ability to explain theory in a way which makes it simple to understand and immediately applicable to my playing." John Mead

“Helped me develop a more effortless playing style... A valuable experience that focused on music rather than just guitar technique.” Joe Ledsam

“I really enjoyed having lessons with Mark I learned things which you can’t just find in a book or on the internet. It was really helpful.” Christopher Moore

“I thought the lessons were fantastic... he taught me to approach the guitar in a different way... an excellent teacher and in just a short space of time, taught me a whole new harmonic approach to playing. A truly worthwhile experience.” Jack Losh

"I found he explained basic things that have always been looked over, I definitely learnt a lot." Matt Gill

"Mark takes the down-to-earth approach... at no point was I left confused." Matt Vahdani


You might be asking yourself: What level should you be at to have lessons with me?

I don't teach beginners, but If you know your basic chords and some pentatonic scale shapes, I can help you move to the next level of playing.

If you're already an experienced player but need some help getting to grips with modes, improving your ear or increasing your speed and fluency I can help you with any or all of these things and more.

Where do lessons take place?

I teach from my studio which is mid way between Cambridge, Bedford and Huntingdon. It's about 20 minutes by car from any of these locations, the studio is on a river surrounded by an area of natural beauty. It's a relaxing and inspiring place to come and spend some time working on the guitar. You can see photos of the surrounds and a map here.

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Ring to book a lesson 07531 425 980

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Can't make it to my studio for lessons? I give lessons over skype too.